1 European Heart Journal.

###1 European Heart Journal, the flagship journal of the European Society of Cardiology Click here to access the full report. 2 European Heart Network European cardiovascular disease statistics 2008. Brussels European Heart Network, the full report is available at: is 3The European Heart Network (EHN Brussels-based Brussels-based alliance of 31 heart foundations and like-minded non-governmental organizations throughout Europe, with member organizations in 26 countries see.

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4The European Society of Cardiology , represents more than 50,000 cardiology professionals across Europe and the Mediterranean region the ESC comprises 4 councils for cardiology practice, 5 clubs. 19 Working Groups and 50 National Cardiac Societies Its purpose is to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe.. Washington Post: The Post examined on Tuesday, as ‘women react to ‘to get the results of the WHI study on the basis of calcium and vitamin D supplements.That a healthymagination strategy includes corporate investment on $ 6 billion in over the next five years and greater than 100 innovative, D projects and partnerships that to launch meeting those goals.. The Brazil institutions within the healthcare will benefit from this installation of the plant due to local tax incentives to and a discounted turnover scan time and simplified logistics for customers. This strengthens their concentration in GE global strategy, mentioned healthymagination that rests on three pillars: improved access, reducing cost and increasing quality of healthcare.

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