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HFOV Protocol The HFOV protocol was designed based on the results of pilot testing and consensus guidelines.24,27 We 1st conducted a recruitment maneuver, by applying 40 cm of drinking water pressure for 40 secs to the airway starting in order to reopen closed lung models. We after that initiated HFOV with a mean airway pressure of 30 cm of water, adjusting the pressure thereafter based on the process, targeting a PaO2 of 55 to 80 mm Hg and Positive End-Expiratory Pressure or Mean Airway Pressure Utilized to Adjust Ventilators.). We minimized HFOV tidal volumes by using the highest possible rate of recurrence that would maintain arterial blood pH above 7.25.13,28 After 24 hours of HFOV, conventional ventilation could be resumed if the mean airway pressure was 24 cm of water or much less for 12 hours.On the basis of finding platelets in contact with tumor cells outside the bloodstream, we assessed the functional ramifications of plasma-purified platelets on the migration and proliferation of epithelial ovarian cancer cells. Platelets significantly stimulated cell proliferation and migration . Discussion Our study shows that increased thrombopoietic cytokine creation by tumor and web host tissues is a major driving drive for paraneoplastic thrombocytosis. In particular, this process is mediated by hepatic thrombopoietin synthesis that is elevated in response to extreme tumor-derived interleukin-6, increasing platelet counts thereby, which promote tumor growth, creating a feed-forward loop.