3 % in 2008 and total cigarette consumption per person prices have fallen 67 %.

In 2008, the youth smoking rate dropped to 14.6 %, one of the lowest rates in the nation. – ‘It is estimated that the efforts of the state for tobacco control program were carried out during the last 20 years, saved more than 1 million lives in California and led to $ 86 billion worth of savings in health care costs,’said Kimberly Belshe, California Health and Human Services Agency. ‘California worked successful tobacco control efforts have the social norms the social norms around tobacco use an environment an environment in which tobacco is less acceptable. ‘.. California Department of Public Health data shows that since the founding of the State of Tobacco Control Programme total adult smoking rates in California have 41 % to 22.7 % in 1988, 13.3 % in 2008 and total cigarette consumption per person prices have fallen 67 %.

The California Tobacco Control Program was established by the Tobacco Tax and Health Promotion Act of 1988 by by California voters, the introduction of a 25-cent tax on cigarettes and earmarked 5 cents of every cigarette pack sold to fund California tobacco control efforts.The studies were supports for financing from the American Cancer Society, Longaberger Company – American Cancer Society Grant for Breast Cancer Res, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute, National Institute of Mental Health, the National Cancer Institute, and to Walther Cancer Institute. Ohio State University, one thousand one hundred and twenty-five Kinnear Road in Columbus.

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