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‘We have to set the program today for such a growth: Processes in analysis and development have to accelerate, the IT environment has to be consolidated and harmonized. An important aspect is certainly optimized collaboration: This begins with the integration of standard business applications and leads presently to the professional adoption of innovative blogging platforms 2.0 systems for industry specific internet sites. But compliance issues can be challenging. Right here our industry initiative shows its specific strength: The strong industry focus of the Microsoft groups and our companions for the chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences industry we can develop innovative IT solutions taking into consideration regulatory plans and continuously changing marketplace situations.’ Topics of the Digital Pharma & Existence Sciences Network The Digital Pharma & Existence Sciences partner network, set up by BearingPoint and Microsoft, displays strategies and IT solutions for the chemical substance, pharmaceutical and lifestyle sciences sector at its annual conference with exhibition.Do Something Fun with Others – Public contacts are good for your health, really. In the event that you experience stress you tend to get your seclusion. Usually do not. What you get out of friendship: fun, experience, insight, support, a listening ear or eating together is vitalizing for you personally and others just. Have you moved or you intend to make new friends just, please visit a local fan club. That is no joke, fan clubs exist abroad everywhere in the Netherlands and. Disinterested people arrive for an hour weekly to positive energy to share and support each other either. 5. Remember Which You do It All – This will provide you with the inspiration and strength to continue. Know what you want to achieve or what is really important to you. What size or small your needs are. You can pretty active with stuff that others of your desire but is certainly that good for you? Priorities, your own needs is really keep and important dreaming are some ingredients that make your life meaningful.

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