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Europe’s action should trigger American policymakers to have a new look at this chemical. Ways to avoid health risks from produce, even whether it’s organicIt’s estimated that Americans consume around 10 pounds of raw, nonorganic apples per person on a yearly basis. In order to avoid health risks, it certainly is best to consume organic foods and remain mindful of news such as this that sheds light on produce updates. It’s also advised to properly clean produce, even organic produce, because of germs that find their way to foods during the shipping and handling process. Produce has areas that may harbor bacteria, just like the indentation on the tops of apples or the deep grooves that frequently run down the distance of a carrot, producing them ideal areas for dirt, cobwebs and germs from unsanitary hands to stay .NABP want to congratulate the winners of the Scan to Earn drawing. Attendees who halted at the NABP booth and scanned their meeting badges were entered in the drawing. Sara Braga received an Apple iPad, valued at $499, and six people won a $50 American Express gift card.. 10 Superfoods That You’re Probably Already Eating First, what is a superfood? It’s a meals that has the ability to lessen your risk of cardiovascular disease, lower your cholesterol, lessen your risk of malignancy, and it will put you in a better mood even.