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A distinguished group of spine surgeons in a prospective, randomized, clinical evaluation of Optecure DBM part. You are going to discuss before the meeting of the annual meeting of the North American Spine Society in Seattle, your first results and experiences to date. http://nolvadex.eu/effets-secondaires-de-tamoxifene.html

Currently under development DBM replaced with bone chips, Optecure + CCCExactech , a producer and distributor of bone and joint restoration products including orthopedic implants and biological materials, announced today that the Food and Drug Administration has received 510 approval for a new formulation of the company Optecure allograft includes cortical cancellous bone chips issued. Optecure the+ CCC formulation contains osteoconductive bone fragments and offers surgeons a broader range of products for application-specific solutions. Thompson said additional Optecure products. Currently in development and pelvis.cure+ CCC is intended for use a bone substitute material extender in the extremities, spine and pelvis and as a bone void filler indicated in the extremities and pelvis. First operations are the end of 2006 the end of 2006, and a national market launch is quarter of 2007.

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