A pandemic of human fear and anxiety Is a flu pandemic looming and if thus should we be concerned?

We are also in the southern hemisphere going to enter our winter season flu season and given that this virus continues to be evolving and moving we do not actually know what it might do. But did we really need to construct this all pervading environment of panic and fear? Possess we learnt nothing at all from our over-reaction to SARS and Bird Flu when the media’s reaction totally swamped the epidemiological realities of two fairly little but significant epidemics among wildlife and transformed them in to the Black Death of the 21st century? A degree of fear is useful Perhaps, forcing people to consider precautionary behaviour and adopt personal avoidance strategies, however the line between what is ‘reasonable’ fear then one which produces widespread dread, anxiety and panic is an extremely blurred one and frequently over-stepped by the mass media.Often she loses the capability to give birth again. Emotionally, the increased loss of an unborn child might leave a scar that by no means goes away. Civil Rights: Most of us have the proper to live openly. How can you then decide the fate of a person who hasn’t actually had the chance of experiencing this globe yet. This is the moral and legal factor that says you should prevent abortion. Conscience: A woman won’t be able to live with a guilt free conscience after having killed her own baby. True, it might be better for the kid. Nonetheless it isn’t for us to decide. God has given everyone a will, who are the human to go against that? Development: we overcame widow remarriage, child marriage, infanticide under several laws even.