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The STS-6 also features an eight-gallon Cyclonic Action Separator tank to ensure that no liquids or foams enter the vacuum pump. The Dental Advisor Clinical Consultants’ responses indicated that their staffs particularly appreciated the fact that there is no suction trap to clean. The STS-6 includes a space-saving style and nickel-plated impeller and housing to reduce oxidation and build-up. It includes a powerful two-stage motor and comes in seven different models in the stacked or side-by-side construction. All STS units have a five-year limited, warranty. ‘We believe that a vacuum system should be the last issue a dental practice must have to get worried or even consider,’ said Riad Abuelafiya, Air Techniques VP advertising and sales. ‘Our state-of-the-artwork vacuum systems are made to allow our valued customers to spotlight their sufferers, and the gratifying testimonials from The Oral Advisor confirms that this is definitely the case.’..The standards-released in the March issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons-also have the authorization of the American Pediatric Surgical Association and the Society of Pediatric Anesthesia. Representatives of the organizations and also invited leaders in other pediatric medical specialties, known as the duty Force for Children's Surgical Treatment, developed the consensus recommendations over the past 3 years. ‘The intent of the recommendations is to ensure that all infants and children in the United States receive care in a surgical environment matched with their individual medical, psychological, and social needs,’ stated Keith T. Oldham, MD, FACS, task pressure chair and the surgeon in chief at Children's Medical center of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.