AANS offers tips to prevent head injuries The theme of 2011 National Neurosurgery Awareness Week.

The ASTM has vigorous standards for screening helmets for many sports; helmets approved by the ASTM bear a sticker stating this. Helmets and mind gear can be found in many sizes and styles for most sports and must properly fit to provide maximum protection against head injuries. On Wednesday This fast paced bill has already approved the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee, February 17, by a vote of 6 to 3 and happens to be scheduled for a Senate floor debate the week of February 22. The Idaho Health Freedom Act seeks to protect two essential rights: It protects a person’s right to participate or not really in any health care program and prohibits the government from imposing fines or penalties on that person’s decision.‘This nanodiamond-silk hybrid materials is important due to the potential it offers to the areas of bioimaging, biosensing and drug delivery,’ she explained. Diamonds are crystals of carbon. However they can be made with defects – various other atoms inserted in the crystal framework – and these defects permit them to do tips that flawless diamonds can’t, such as for example reemitting and absorbing light of certain wavelengths, a process known as fluorescence. Because these fluorescent nanodiamonds are bright, steady, and harmless to living tissue – and can just work at room heat – researchers have been exploring their use in biological imaging and sensing.