Accera to launch Axona.

Preclinical and clinical data claim that unacylated ghrelin and its own analogs possess the potential to handle unmet medical requirements in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, Prader Willi syndrome and some ischemia-related conditions, with a novel system of action. Since the clinical program were only available in 2013, two Phase I trials have already been completed in healthy volunteers and obese/obese subjects. The outcomes indicate that AZP-531 was well tolerated, with improved glucose control and reduced weight in obese subjects over a two-week treatment period. This program is in Phase II clinical development for the treating Prader-Willi syndrome and in Phase Ib for type 2 diabetes.. Accera to launch Axona, medical food item for Alzheimer’s in ’09 2009 Accera, Inc.But, she added, after years of ‘one-size-fits-all’ mammography screening guidelines, research might trigger more tailored recommendations for different sets of women. Hologic, Inc., of Danbury, Conn., which manufactures a 3D mammography scanner, funded the study. Friedewald and several co-experts are advisors to the company.

Almost fifty % of New Orleans residents possess anxiety or mood disorders Almost half of pre-hurricane residents of New Orleans and one-fourth of those living in various other affected areas had evidence of an anxiety or mood disorder five to seven months subsequent Hurricane Katrina, according to a written report in the December issue of Archives of General Psychiatry.D., Dr. P.H., of the University of Michigan College of Public Health, Ann Arbor, and colleagues surveyed 1,043 occupants who was simply living in affected regions of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama before Hurricane Katrina.