Age 4-7 Months From 4-7 months of age.

Because as of this age infants will explore items by putting them in their mouths instinctively, it is important to keep small objects out of reach to avoid accidental swallowing. By age group 6-8 weeks, they are able to transfer objects from hand at hand, turn them from side to side, and twist them upside down. Babies discover their ft and toes during this stage also. Babies’ broadening selection of vision is obvious because they concentrate and focus on items and follow movements.Normal interaction with a child, like bouncing the infant on a knee or tossing the infant up in the fresh air, won’t cause these injuries. But it is critical to under no circumstances shake a baby under any conditions.ContinueWhat Are the Effects? AHT causes irreversible damage, and about 1 from every 4 cases results in the child’s loss of life. Children who survive may have: total or partial blindness hearing loss seizures developmental delays impaired intellect speech and learning difficulties problems with attention and memory severe mental retardation cerebral palsy Even in milder cases, where babies look normal soon after the shaking, they may eventually develop a number of of these problems.