And Bernard Cummings.

.. ASTRO to honor two radiation oncologists with 2011 Gold Medal award The American Culture for Radiation Oncology has selected K. Kian Ang, MD, PhD, FASTRO, and Bernard Cummings, MB, ChB, FASTRO, as the Society’s 2011 Gold Medal recipients. Drs. Ang and Cummings will be acknowledged with this honor at the Awards Ceremony kept during ASTRO’s 53rd Annual Meeting occurring October 2-6, 2011, in Miami Seaside, Fla. The Gold Medal is the Society’s highest honor. It really is bestowed on revered users who have made excellent contributions to the field of radiation oncology, including study, clinical care, teaching and service.When you add other factors, livestock as a whole accounts for 9 percent of the carbon dioxide derived from human-related activities and creates a straight much larger share of greenhouse gases. What does the future hold? How about going to 465 million tons of global meat creation by 2050? And that is more than dual the 229 million a great deal of 2001. Also disturbing can be that milk is estimated to go from 580 million tons to at least one 1,043 million tons with most of the consumers getting lactose intolerant. Who cares so long as it sells? Did you know that there are manure ‘lagoons’ that store untreated doo-doo that create enormous amounts of methane that contribute the most to global warming? Therefore, cooling the earth is easy – reduce flesh consumption.