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In fact, Anderson added, get the 53 patients, chest wall radiation but no radiation to the lymph nodes developed, only a repetition in an axillary lymph nodes. None of the chest wall chest wall and node radiation had a recurrence.

‘We typically irradiate the chest wall because it has been shown to improve survival. From an abundance of caution, many radiation oncologists also treat the surrounding lymph nodes, but there is little evidence that these better results. ‘.. Breast Cancer Patients facing radiation after a mastectomy May Be Over – Treated – A new study suggests, standard radiation therapy for some breast cancer patients may not be medically necessary and can therefore unnecessary serious side effects such as lymphedema and pulmonary problems are.3 – Elan Corporation, plc and Biogen Idec is announced today that it to the European Medicines Agency wish an application for approval of ANTEGREN as treat for ankylosing ANTEGREN are filed on authorization for Crohn’s sickness of Europe. The companies expect to submit the fourth quarter of the year to present the 2,004th.

Elan of new information, for the admission of ANTEGREN file and the potential of the ANTEGREN as a treating for Crohn’s disease. Such statements are based on the present views and expectations of. The development of medicinal is with a high degree of risk. Factors of that could cause actual out of from to Company ‘s current expectations includes that that unexpected concerns result made additional data and analysis or that the regulatory authorities require additional information, further studies, or that the companies may encounter other unexpected delays or hurdles. For more detailed information on the risks and uncertainty connected to to the companies’ drug development and other activities , see the regular reports of Elan Corporation, plc and Biogen Idec Inc. Tabled the Securities and Exchange Commission.