Based on the latest government statistics.

$70 million boost will help fight AIDS in Kenya Kenya has been given $70 million from the Global Fund to invest in programmes providing antiretroviral drugs to people living with HIV . Based on the latest government statistics, the east African nation comes with an estimated 1.3 million people coping with the virus regardless of the prevalence for AIDS dropping from 14 % in 2000 to 6.9 % in 2006. In June this season Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki promised the government would start providing free of charge ARVs to authorities hospitals and health centres, and currently 120, 000 people are receiving the life span prolonging drugs.

If you do operate on a treadmill, calories will be burnt every hour in that case; walking can prove very effective as well. * After your exercise, the rate of your metabolism will increase. This means that while a rest is being taken by you, you shall be burning calories from your body. Interval training is a kind of training that is usually used by a lot of people, who want to lose weight. It means that the rate of metabolism increases for a long period after your workout. * With the passage of time, lean muscle tissue increase in your body. In return, this will accelerate the rate of metabolism in your body. * There are some alternatives, through which rate of metabolism of your body might increase in order that a great deal of calories are used.