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The study estimates conservatively cost of these four major eye diseases and refractive error at $ 51000000000 a year, but they can be much larger. ‘If anything, the economic costs of vision loss today is even higher than the report estimates the additional costs of recently introduced treatments, ‘said Dr. Hoskins arvostelut . ‘New therapies for the treatment of wet AMD alone total of one billion dollars per year. ‘.

The report confirms that the Academy of the estimate of $ 68 billion per year in region and the actual total costs.the Economic Impact of Vision problems uses public data sources, which of visual impairment of visual impairment at the federal and state budget, personal expenses and HRQL the data was then passed through two different groups of health economists, the report is available at. – This report adds urgency to the results of a study published in February journal Ophthalmology, return on investment.ment.care cost was more than $ 2 billion a year in non – eye – related diseases and health needs. While the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services covers eye exams for people with diabetes receive less than 45 % of Medicare diabetics an annual eye exam. This leads to greater risk of visual impairment among Americans and highlights the need awareness of the awareness of the benefits of early prevention and treatment.

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