Costs incurred at non-OAT hospitals before randomization were presumed to be balanced by random assignments to the treatment organizations, and data on these costs weren’t collected. By protocol, all enrolled sufferers underwent a diagnostic catheterization to confirm eligibility for the scholarly research. Because the final results of OAT demonstrated that PCI was not more advanced than medical therapy alone in reducing major cardiac events but that it had a small advantage with regard to freedom from angina in the first follow-up period, we performed a prespecified 2-year cost-efficiency analysis to examine the relationship between incremental net health benefits and incremental costs connected with PCI.The proportion of A. Punctulatus mosquitoes which were infected with any stage of larvae reduced from 1.8 percent to 0.4 percent after bed-net distribution . None of the mosquitoes that were collected in Peneng, Nanaha, or Ngahmbule after bed-net distribution contained larvae of any stage. Notably, no mosquitoes harboring infective larvae were determined in virtually any of the villages after bed-net distribution . Therefore, although annual transmitting potentials were equivalent during each of the 24 months preceding bed-net distribution, that amount dropped to zero for the year after bed-net distribution .