Doctors have to order tests to find out more.

Bilirubin is definitely a compound in the bloodstream that can build-up in babies and cause their skin to appear jaundiced . Jaundice is certainly a harmless condition Generally, if the bilirubin level gets too much, it can lead to brain damage. A baby who shows up jaundiced may possess a bilirubin level check, which is performed with an instrument positioned on the skin or by blood lab tests. Hearing display. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants have a hearing display done before discharge from a healthcare facility, & most states have common screening programs. It is critical to discover hearing deficits early so that they can be treated as soon as possible. Hearing screens take 5-10 minutes and are painless. Sometimes they involve putting little probes in the ears; other times, they’re done with electrodes.After studying ACCF, she asked her prior supervisor in the legal division of The Coca-Cola Company if they would host an advantage for ACCF. That dialogue led to a biennial advantage for ACCF-the inaugural event was held in 2011, raising nearly $150,000 for ACCF, and the 2013 advantage raised almost $240,000. Smith offered on the steering committee for the 2011 event and as co-chairman of the 2013 event. ‘It gives me great pleasure to serve the Atlanta community, and I am proud to get this honor from ASTRO,’ said Smith, who programs to donate her $1,000 award to ACCF.