Fabiani & Organization can be a Washington.

Aethlon Medical engages Fabiani & Company to aid in establishment of federal government partnerships Aethlon Medical, Inc click to review . Fabiani & Organization can be a Washington, D.C.-based government affairs firm founded with the primary goal of providing a go for group of clients creative and innovative strategies to effectively represent them and their interests prior to the United States Federal Government. ‘Our co-workers at Fabiani & Organization provide us a well respected existence inside the beltway and boost our probability of accessing non-dilutive resources to progress our endeavors across multiple disease circumstances in the usa,’ mentioned Aethlon Chairman and CEO, Jim Joyce.’..

‘Aethon’s progress has been a result of a strong management group, great technology, and customers who are realizing the value of automating their source chain logistics with Aethon’s solutions. We are very happy to have the ability to attract a new strategic partner such as for example Bosch to our company. The validation of our technology by Bosch will bring more global attention to our business certainly. Furthermore, Bosch has decided to aid us with their world-leading engineering expertise as we continue to add new product extensions, grow our creation capabilities, to check out possibilities to embed our technology in the global healthcare marketplace.