If one copy of a gene is damaged.

If one copy of a gene is damaged, for example, then the second copy can compensate for; imprinted genes lose this safeguard and so are more susceptible to diseases error in printing. Have also been linked to cancer and other genetic disorders.

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Pneumologists provide expertise that management support asthma, which can be many provide to improve the health and performance of many athlete. ‘.. Dr. Parsons and researcher from Ohio State University studied five hundred forty-one sports trainer associated with the NCAA their asthmatic management programs are. Researchers found out that only 22 percent responders lung specialist pulmonologist in their sport medicine Programme staff. In addition, Sportmedizin were program with an pneumologists to employees significantly more likely published in national asthma management policies through National Education and Prevention Program – portion the National Health, and by Blood Institute – and a position statement about asthma management in athletes , the National Athletic Trainers Association published.