Illinois from June 3-7.

‘We look forward to collaborating with leading breasts cancer researchers to help expand demonstrate the scientific utility of the PAM50 signature, also to making this assay on the nCounter system to the pathology laboratories and medical centers worldwide, following regulatory approvals.’ The company’s executive management team will be going to this week’s ASCO conference to discuss its plans for its breast cancer assay with professionals in the field, also to identify various other potential partners for its potential molecular diagnostics system.Lead researcher Dr. Johann de Bono from the Institute of Malignancy Research says while the findings have to be verified in larger trials, they believe a significant step ahead in the treating end-stage prostate cancer individuals has been made. Dr. De Bono says males with very aggressive prostate cancer are remarkably difficult to take care of and the disease is nearly always fatal. He expectations that abiraterone will ultimately offer them real wish of an effective way of controlling their condition and prolonging their lives and that the medication will also help other tumor patients, including people that have breast cancer. Professionals say the results are promising but are still at the first stages of clinical development and it will be imperative to carefully examine the total amount between its benefits and harms, before achieving a firm conclusion about the new drug.