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If we extrapolate from our population-based data to the complete U.S. Population, around 2.1 million kids under 5 years of age with RSV infection would require medical interest each full calendar year. Among these young children with RSV-related illnesses, approximately 57,527 are hospitalized, 517,747 are treated in crisis departments, and 1,534,064 are treated by pediatric procedures; of these outpatients, 1,256,014 are between 2 and 5 years. These rates of visits for RSV-associated acute respiratory infections indicate that a major proportion of RSV’s burden results in outpatient visits among children beyond infancy. Furthermore, the estimated outpatient rates are probably near to the actual national rates, since our straight determined population-based emergency section prices in Rochester and Cincinnati were very similar and well within the confidence intervals of the approximated prices.