In the August issue of the online open-access journal PLoS ONE.

The and death men part of the equation part of the equationStanford scientists show in a forthcoming paper, to make the traditional mating pattern men the key explaining away the ‘wall of death ‘an enduring puzzle in the study of human longevity. Paper paper, in the – August issue of the online open-access journal PLoS ONE, published, suggests a solution to a puzzle in the study of human life: why do not we drop dead soon after the age of last female reproduction? Our understanding of the evolution of life suggests that we are. No defense against mutations that occur after we have reached the end of our reproductive lives As a result, we expect a rapid increase in mortality – a ‘wall of death ‘ – just after female menopause..

The ARVO-AFER/Merck Innovative Ophthalmology Research Award , formerly Merck Chibret Award, created in honor of French ophthalmologist Dr. Paul Chibret, was developed to encourage the researchers investigative work investigative work in critical areas of ophthalmology. Since its inauguration in 1982, more than 50 scientists 45 years old 45 years old or younger on the award.The researchers found in that 36 % been very interested in reading her medical records, and a further 43 %age had interested in doing a little. The patient who wanted read their own medical records were often in finding other information on health are careful at Internet searches very important health information source and be by be subscribed to one health newsletter. Do You Own also more likely to use a public health resources directory the last month, have any concerns about errors in their custody, and the lack of faith in their doctors.

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