Lawyer Matthew Jenkins says the males.

Lawyer Matthew Jenkins says the males, who had diseases or medical treatments that could affect their fertility, hoped to protect their possibilities for fathering biological kids by storing sperm samples. The sperm that were banked there is their one and only shot for most of these or most of them to possess a biological category of their personal, Jenkins informed the Chicago Tribune. The lawsuits claim Northwestern Memorial Medical center and Northwestern Medical Faculty Basis failed to monitor the cryopreservation system where samples were stored. The fits also allege that Northwestern didn’t monitor and respond following the failure adequately, CBS Chicago reported.The Stanford study was reported in the Archives of Neurology. An earlier joint research by the Harvard Medical College and the University of Rochester Medical Center linked a widely used chemotherapy drug, 5-fluorouracil , to healthy human brain cell deterioration. They recommended trying to determine which cancers patients could be most prone to chemo mind before administering chemotherapy. Big Pharma should come up with some more expensive medications Perhaps, such as psychoactive drugs that may make them suicidal, to assuage those nagging mental deficiencies that have a tendency to persist even after cancer patients survive their treatments. Sources because of this article include.

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