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The study population was older and acquired a poorer prognosis than usually similar affected person populations in previous stage 3 trials.1-3,25,26 The proportion of individuals who were more than 75 years was 5 and 11 %age points greater than that in both trials of VMP and MP plus lenalidomide ,3,25 and more individuals had International Staging System stage III disease than in previous trials of MPT and VMP .1-3,26 We enrolled patients with severe renal impairment who didn’t require dialysis . MPT is a standard treatment option for patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma who are ineligible for stem-cell transplantation.1,2,7-9,27-31 A meta-analysis of data from six randomized trials showed that MPT improved general and progression-free survival, as compared with MP.5 VMP is another well-established standard of care.Gist, DDS. As with all clinical issues, our position on amalgam is founded on the best available science. .

3D imaging technology improves spinal operation outcome Using a three-dimensional image-guided program to greatly help place screws in the spines of sufferers results in secure and accurate surgery with a reduction in the number of misplaced screws, and subsequent injuries, seen in more traditional procedures, say neurosurgeons in Mayo Clinic in Florida. In the Dec. 9 online edition of the Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine , Mayo physicians published the biggest study yet using 3D image-guided technology to put screws in the backbone for spinal fusion methods.