Normally connected with triggering emotions of pleasure.

The new research by Caron and his co-workers reveals another mechanism whereby chronic dopamine affects the mind, indefinitely perhaps. The Duke team’s previous work suggested that the regulatory protein beta-arrestin 2, involved in desensitization of receptor signals normally, is required for normal dopamine-related behavior. They also found that prolonged stimulation of D2 receptors prospects to inactivation of a regulatory protein called Akt. Furthermore, they showed, Akt inactivation occurred more slowly and was managed for longer than other identical biochemical events that got previously been observed.The first medical report on poliomyelitis was by Jakob Heine in 1840. Karl Oskar Medin was the first ever to empirically study a poliomyelitis epidemic in 1890. The work of these two physicians has led to the disease being known as the Heine-Medin disease.

Aetna enters contract to procure Prodigy Wellness Group Aetna today announced that it has entered into an contract to acquire Prodigy Health Group, the country’s largest independent alternative party administrator of self-funded healthcare plans. Headquartered in NEW YORK, Prodigy Wellness Group has 600 around,000 medical members, 450 approximately,000 pharmacy users, and operates in 15 states. Aetna will acquire Prodigy Health Group from Prodigy Wellness Holdings, LLC, whose majority owner is One Equity Partners.