Of the tested conditions proved to be the Cayenne Single-Tunnel.

These results are an achievement of AperFix technology that surgeons with aperture fixation superior pullout strength and active, circumferential tendon compression offers. – ‘This study suggests that the single – tunnel, can double bundle ACL reconstruction many of the benefits of improved stability, that the that the double – bundle ACL reconstruction offers, ‘said Dr. Montgomery, one of the authors of the study. ‘Because of its simplicity and preservation of bone stock, it is these improvements without increased operative time and complications, with the traditional with the traditional Double – Bundle reconstruction reconstruction services associated ‘.. Of the tested conditions proved to be the Cayenne Single-Tunnel, Double – Bundle similar ACL reconstruction for most of natural, intact ACL and showed significantly superior kinematic results compared with single – bundle reconstruction.

. Cayenne was started to the new standard of care for ACL fixation create Double said James W. President and CEO of Cayenne Medical. These positive results for AperFix and our Single – tunnel, Double – Bundle technique clearly supporting a huge step forward toward this goal. .Professor Brian McBride and gentlemen out of the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy on their findings a study of 15 healthy those with an average age of 27.

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