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Simon S. Jones, Ph.D., was appointed Vice President, Biology and Preclinical Advancement and John H. Van Duzer, Ph.D., was appointed Vice President, Manufacturing and Chemistry. Acetylon can be applying its scientific knowledge to the advancement of little molecule HDAC inhibitors that build upon the established therapeutic potential of HDAC inhibition with enhanced focus on selectivity. The Company believes that its highly selective HDAC inhibitors may accomplish enhanced clinical utility by reducing or occasionally eliminating the debilitating and life-threatening side effects linked to the current first-generation of non-selective HDAC inhibitors. Simon and John will also be applying our medication discovery system to the creation of additional isoform-selective HDAC inhibitor medication candidates for the treatment of autoimmune, neurodegenerative and other major diseases..Earlier research have highlighted the finding that the proportion of kids who are small for their gestational age is increased in pregnancies challenging by maternal cancer.18 Such children are at elevated risk for perinatal loss of life and complications. 19 Among these young children, elements associated with a small size at birth add a compromised placental supply of nutrients and oxygen to the fetus , changed metabolic adaptations of pregnancy, and chronic inflammation.20-23 It’s been hypothesized that a number of these factors are present in a pregnancy complicated by malignancy. Among children who were evaluated at 36 months through electrocardiography and echocardiography, cardiac function and structure were normal.