said Lawrence Kraus.

In the U.S., HUMIRA is approved by the FDA for reducing signs or symptoms, inducing major scientific response, inhibiting the progression of joint structural harm, and improving physical function in adult individuals with to severely active RA moderately. HUMIRA is definitely indicated for reducing the signs and symptoms of active arthritis, inhibiting the progression of structural damage and improving physical function in individuals with psoriatic arthritis.‘The amyloid beta-RAGE complicated cuts off the connections between neurons,’ Mruthinti explained, ‘but our wish is that we can protect those connections by preventing those plaques from forming.’.

ASTRO awards $675,000 to seven physician-researchers to progress radiation oncology research The American Society for Radiation Oncology has selected seven leading physician-researchers to get a total of $675,000 in awards and grants to advance radiation oncology research. Together, the seven funding grants, including ASTRO Junior Faculty Career Research Teaching Award, the ASTRO Citizens/Fellows in Radiation Oncology Research Seed Award and the ASTRO/Radiation Oncology Institute Comparative Effectiveness Research Award, will support studies in tumor and radiation biology, radiation physics, translational study, outcomes/health services research and comparative effectiveness research within radiation oncology.