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You might not recognize his name, but if you’ve ever gone to the attention doctor, you will for sure recognize his namesake creation. It’s the eye chart. The one with the big E at the top. The Snellen chart features eleven lines of progressively smaller letters. And not just any letters. The Snellen chart uses just nine. C, D, E, F, L, O, P, T and Z Their clunky appearance somewhat, and their spacing, had been all carefully designed by Snellen to test visual acuity. And it’s really Snellen who devised the system of rating one’s eyesight as a ratio. If an individual could read a type of type 20 foot away with what Snellen judged to become normal acuity, he proclaimed them to have 20/20 vision. Ophthalmology has since advanced much beyond anything Herman Snellen could ever have foreseen. But so even, the Snellen chart and the Snellen ratio are still in wide make use of today.ACRO urges Congress to include clinical screening in biosimilars legislation The Association of Clinical Study Businesses has called on Congress to make sure that any biosimilars legislation it passes requires clinical testing to ensure patient safety, efficacy, purity and potency.D., Executive Director of ACRO. ‘This network will need health journalism to a new degree of professionalism and cooperation in Africa,’ said Joyce Barnathan, president of the International Middle for Journalists, which organized the achieving at the demand of African journalists, according to Health-e . This article was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J.