A program of development and testing similar interventions in humans would make both medical and economic sense.. Specifically, the Panel urged countries health authorities health authorities to inform citizens about how to improve their lifestyle so that they can learn to live longer and healthier. Moreover, the panel wrote, there is a need, regenerative therapies that could restore youthful structure and function in the elderly by repairing and neutralizing the cellular damage with aging with aging to develop. – ‘It is a misconception that aging is something that just happens, like the weather, and can not be affected,’said Dr.

The aging results in significant social and medical costs that will increase rapidly in the coming decades the rises numbers of older people. In order to avoid what she calls a global aging crisis A program that the U.S. And other countries in an international initiative, the laboratory findings on aging into new kinds of drugs translating translate.

Age-related diseasesbal investment and action plan to avert impending aging crisisWell, scientists have learned so much about aging through laboratory studies, it is time that these findings into medicines our aging population our aging population is translating. The message of a jury of 10 outstanding aging experts, Jan Vijg, Department of Genetics and the Lola and Saul Kramer Chair in Molecular Genetics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University recorded was delivered.

The expert panel target aim by the LifeStar Institute, a nonprofit organization that educates the public about the consequences of global aging and supports medical research for the prevention and treatment of age-related diseases.the serious nature of this type of injury Considering continue to efforts head trauma head injuries for cyclists has decrease vital, study co-author Lara McKenzie, principal investigator wrote at the Centre for Injury Research and policies to Nationwide Children’s Hospital and one faculty member of The Ohio State University College of Medicine. The increasing the use of bicycle helmets can should be to be achieve this goal to achieve this goal. .

.. Sectional study Rife lower Medical Studentsmedical students frequently suffer depression, mainly during their internship years. New research results in which open access journal BMC Medical Education published in indicates the extent the issue and A detailed analysis of symptoms and suffered.

Affective symptoms the key symptoms a depressive mood, the pupils put reported to level of grief are based, dissatisfaction, episodes from crying, irritability and social withdrawal. The cognitive Clusters evaluated pessimism of, feeling of failure or liability by the expectation punishment, on call himself, suicidal ideation, irresolution and transformation in body of screen. Finally, which somatic clustered judges the presence slowness, insomnia, fatigue, weight loss and loss of sexual interest. Said: There said: There were high prevalence in the direction of did depressive symptoms in students of medicine, especially women, primarily to somatic and affective clusters Of the students in this study, 38 percent of less than 10 by sixty-three possible symptoms of depression.