The American Society for Radiation Oncology has developed a white paper.

In the past few decades, experts have created new techniques for delivering radiation that further target the tumor while sparing nearby healthy tissue, improving the probability of a cure while minimizing side effects thus. One such technique is called strength modulated radiation IMRT or therapy. IMRT is a tremendous advance in the secure and efficient delivery of radiation. However, it also requires a lot more time and assets from cancer clinics, radiation oncologists, physicists, radiation therapists, dosimetrists, nurses and their support personnel to correctly be done.The trial was designed as a superiority trial, with a closed testing hierarchy to protect the alpha level that prespecified that a check for noninferiority with respect to the major composite end point should be performed first and a check for superiority performed thereafter. An on-treatment analysis, including occasions that occurred within 30 days after the last dose of study medicine was administered, was performed as a sensitivity analysis. Further details of the statistical analysis have been reported previously19 and are offered in the Supplementary Appendix. Results Study Patients From May 2010 through December 2011, a total of 16,492 patients underwent randomization.