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The EpiVax research program is in collaboration with Dr . Is University of Maryland, and Robert Smith of the Hallett Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology at Rhode Iceland Hospital are carried out. Dr. Loud an expert in the treatment of type 1 diabetes, This research deals with a critically important clinical problem and the approach EpiVax at will T cell.

Help BioRx Pledges Long-Term Financial Commitment to the Oley Foundation requesting requesting home intravenous nutrition and tube feedingBioRx, one of the fastest growing providers of specialty pharmaceuticals, announces the creation of a new program for people requiring home intravenous nutrition and tube feeding. Your program called Full Circle was established to provide financial assistance for the Oley Foundation, a non-profit organization at Albany Medical Center in New York, improving the lives of those who infused home dedicated require and offer tube feeding . The Foundation offers programs members about the members about the therapy that she wears, offers range , and networking opportunities insulation insulation and create a sense of normalcy – motivating members taken an active role in decisions to play the Foundation.

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Material is to Replacement not metalspatient with severe arthritis can now be an option for total of knuckles replacements, enhanced mobility and relief of pain features, without any continuous metallic implants. ROCHE from Daniel K. From UC San Diego Medical Center, this technology is to provide the first in the U.S. Arthritic patients non – metal, organic knuckles substitute. – ‘Until now, patient has had two options for replacing their ankle: metal implants and fusion of joints,’said Lee, director of foot and ankle Surgery UCSD Medical Center. ‘Now there are an option to really will be re find to knuckle with an FDA – licensed biological material similar to collagen in cartilage. ‘.