The equation developed by Dr.

The equation developed by Dr. Henry and colleagues takes into account a number of risk factors, not only bone density. Chair probability decreases, low bone mass, excess or low body weight and additional factors are combined into a single formula give give a doctor how severe fracture risk of a woman can. Treatment strategies can then predicted on the basis of result of a woman are sought.

Statisticians in the Division of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Melbourne, Australia. We have an equation that were successfully predicted 75 % of fractures in women, two years after its initial measurements derived. .. A total of 231 elderly women who had suffered a low-trauma hip fracture, spine, humerus or forearm during a two-year recruits were, and 448 older women who were selected at random and did not have a prolonged break in the same period of two years.

Accurate prediction of fracture risk in women with osteoporosisresearchers have a mathematical formula to a woman’s risk for developing predict osteoporotic fracture. The equation has proved 75 % help help doctors treat their strategies to prevent prevent fractures of fragile bones.* Obesity one core should be made component of all medical education.

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