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In his letter to BMS’ CEO Lamberto Andreotti dated July 9, 2010, Controller Chiang states: California’s AIDS Drug Assistance System , like ADAPs over the nation, is in danger as California’s budget proceeds to suffer the ravages of the latest recession. As available state general fund dollars continue to shrink, demand on the program is continuing to grow faster than regular and the cost of medicines has been increasing. That is an unsustainable scenario. California has no curiosity in depriving people with HIV/AIDS of medicines that maintain them alive, so the only obtainable recourse is to rein in the growing medications costs. On balance, it appears that all parties must do their part to help ease the pain this recession offers inflicted on ADAP.Administration of ALN-RSV01 led to statistically significant anti-viral activity with a 38 percent relative reduction in RSV infection price producing a 95 percent increase in the number of infection-free subjects as compared with placebo . ALN-RSV01 was also found to be secure and well tolerated. Outcomes from the GEMINI study are notable, as they set up anti-viral activity for an RNAi therapeutic in a significant respiratory disease and provide a solid foundation for ongoing development of ALN-RSV01, said John P.