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The study plans to to include 30,000 employees worldwide and contribute to significant advances in understanding travel related DVT and its prevention.Professor Harry B. Ller of the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam together with Professor Frits Rosendaal of in Leiden University Medical Center, directed the study in collaboration with many scientists, including colleagues from Australia?

DVT is just one form of blood clot, pulmonary embolism, other with a clot on the lungs displaced. Blood clots affect 2-4 in 1000 people each year. Blood clots can immobilization of immobilization of long flights and after surgery, chemo / radiotherapy, the birth, and of estrogen contain in birth control pills. ‘We have been important advances in the diagnosis and treatment of DVT and other types of blood clots from blood clots within 3 hours within 3 hours by non-invasive invasive invasive and rigorous testing are a thing of of the past. ‘Professor B? ller said. In the last decade, Professor B has seen a major shift serial diagnosed in the treatment of patients with blood clots. Approximately 90 percent of patients outside the hospital through the development of simple self-management modes drug delivery rather than 10-14 days of hospitalization , where the treatment was administered intravenously treated.

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