The survey found 78 % said it was unfair that under the new rule.

In addition, the survey found 78 % said it was unfair that ‘under the new rule, pharmacies wishing to participate in the Medicaid program, have generics to sell at a loss. ‘the survey also found 78 were less likely to rule because rule because ‘many community pharmacies not able to service Medicaid patients, including children, continue ‘, especially p ‘learn more than 28 million children in the U.S. To get prescription drugs paid for by Medicaid and more than half of the beneficiaries. ‘In addition the survey found 74 % support for legislation that would reimburse pharmacy fair. ‘.

‘Our patients have it right: they know community pharmacies play an important role in health care,’said Stephen Giroux, NCPA president and owner of five pharmacies in Western New York. ‘They want us there their health needs. Their health needs. Heed Now Congress on their request and give specific Medicare and Medicaid corrections more pharmacies will be forced out of these government programs must, or must close its doors. Coalition for Community Pharmacy at the National Community pharmacists Association and the National Association of Chain Drug Stores , commissioned the polling firm to first comprehensive survey of 3,00 pharmacies patients carry nationwide from action along 26th November – 2 Dec.But the people can defend themselves against the miseries of allergy and gasp. There simply things it it, Randolph said.

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