The true number.

The true number, which TDH said is definitely preliminary, includes 107 health-care employees at four Texas hospitals and 40 family and others in Texas closely associated with the donor or recipients. Related StoriesMedStar Washington Hospital Center's Ebola Response Team recognized with 2015 Patient Protection AwardHIV, Ebola look like of pet originBlocking calcium-signaling pathway could inhibit Ebola virus and other sources of deadly infectionsTexas hospitals that provided care for the donor or recipients, and the preliminary amount of health-care workers in each which will need post-exposure preventive treatment, are: Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas ; Good Shepherd INFIRMARY, Longview ; Christus St.Serum levels of liver aminotransferases had been elevated, with an alanine aminotransferase degree of 57 U per liter and an aspartate aminotransferase level of 44 U per liter. The serum degree of C-reactive proteins was elevated at 2.9 mg per deciliter. The patient was hospitalized for 10 days. There is progression from moderate to serious thrombocytopenia, with a nadir of 37,000 cells per cubic millimeter on day time 5 and 40,000 cells per cubic millimeter on days 6 and 7. Leukopenia continued through the entire hospitalization, with significant lymphopenia and mild neutropenia that progressed to moderate neutropenia on day time 7 . Band forms had been detected on times 2 and 8. An erythrocyte sedimentation price was within the normal range at 9 mm per hour, and the erythrocyte hemoglobin and count had been unremarkable and stable.