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Statistics for the cervical screening programme in England display that around 4,500 deaths each year are prevented. Researchers have also calculated that you will have 20,000 fewer deaths from bowel cancer over the next 20 years thanks to the roll-out of the bowel tumor screening program. In England the amount of eligible ladies attending cervical smear checks improved from just above 40 percent in 1989 to 82 percent in 1995. Recent numbers show this price has fallen to 79 per cent. Almost 75 percent of women aged 50 or old who were invited for breast screening accepted their invitation in the entire year 2005/6.‘It’s doubtful that Africans will dsicover any benefits. This article reports on how local farmers have responded to the deal and explains Addax’s goals . Inter Press Service talks about the food versus biofuels debate also, focusing on a situation in Swaziland. ‘A U.K.-centered company called D1 Oils signed contracts with the farmers to grow jatropha for them. An initial agreement with the government planned to place 20,000 hectares into biofuels production, expanding to 50 possibly,000. D1 Oils pulled out of the project before it took off because properly, according to the company’s CEO in Swaziland, Gaetan Ning, the Swazi authorities was unwilling to aid the project with necessary legislation.