Which continues to have a profound effect on the medical system.

Because no single program or law by itself is likely to accomplish the goals of improving patient safety, ensuring fair compensation to patients when they are harmed by a medical error or negligence, strengthening than undermining the patient-physician relationship rather, and reducing the financial costs associated with the current system. A multifaceted approach should allow for innovation, pilot-testing, and further research on the most effective reforms. The American University of Doctors paper provides nine methods that needs to be incorporated right into a multifaceted medical liability reform initiative.CBS Information correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook looked into what’s behind the shortage – – and what’s being completed about it. Even though 8-month-aged Elena Schoneveld was diagnosed with leukemia, her devastated parents were hopeful. ‘The actual fact of the matter is usually it’s curable,’ her father Tag Schoneveld explained. ‘There are a lot of cancers that aren’t curable. So, when it comes to leukemia, we feel – – in a weird method – – lucky that they have a history of curing it.’ The cure depends on a cocktail of chemotherapy drugs. But, one of the crucial medicines, methotrexate, is running out. ‘Children will die because they can not get methotrexate,’ Dr. Jon Maris said.