While overall access to basic health care since the earthquake has improved.

While overall access to basic health care since the earthquake has improved, emphasizes the rapid spread of cholera in the country, the boundaries of the international development assistance in responding effectively to new emergencies. International organizations need to live up to the commitments made to the people of Haiti and donors by turning promises into concrete actions, said MSF.

More than 5,700 major operations were in the first three months alone, making MSF carried out one of the largest providers of surgical care.. Until the end of 2013, MSF expects that all of the 104 million euros spent by individuals donated earthquake relief efforts mobilize its earthquake relief efforts and to respond to the cholera epidemic. January to 31 October 2013, MSF medical teams treated more than 358,000 people, performed more than 16,500 operations and delivered more than 15,000 babies.Two studies support the effectiveness of Plavix when treating STEMI heart attack patients. A large study, to Clopidogrel and Metoprolol in Myocardial Infarction Trial study showed that Plavix, when, with other standard treatments including the thrombolysis, one procedure in order dissolve clots, reduced mortality and and combined the combined number of recurrent myocardial infarctions reduce stroke or death. COMMIT had a randomized, double – blind, placebo -controlled trial of 46,000 patients conducted in China. Fda.

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